Love that Line


“You are only a small girl.”



by Sara Pennypacker

This line resonates with me because so many times, children, as well as adults, fail to understand that their efforts, as a single, maybe “small” person, can and DO make a difference. Although Ming-Li is a small girl, what she does is so big that even the “big” people are impressed. After reading this book, all should hesitate before ever asking “I’m only one person, how can I make a difference?” Humbling!

Fabulous Finishes


the trouble with cauliflower

by Jane Sutton

Even though Mortimer tells his friend Sadie that whenever he eats cauliflower he has bad luck the next day, he eats some anyway and of course, has bad luck the next day.  Sadie, trying to rid Mortimer of his superstition, tricks him into eating cauliflower again. This time, however, he has a great day the next day. After she explains to him that the only reason he had a bad day was because he expected to have one, Mortimer believes her and orders pizza with cauliflower on it. But, in the end when Sadie suggests they go get some lemonade, Mortimer tells her he can’t because every time he drinks lemonade it starts to rain. Great loop!

Love that Line


“When we have a problem we must choose what we will be.”


by Joy Cowley

This line reminds readers that although we may not always choose our circumstance, we can always choose our reaction to the circumstance. Instead of just addressing Marta’s current situation, the grandma encourages Marta to see with a more global perspective and  leaves us all with words to live by.Wise words from a wise grandma. Insightful!

Fabulous Finishes



By Karma Wilson

The story which describes the chaos that ensues at the zoo when the animals go on strike, eventually fixes itself when little Sue visits the zoo and starts to cry.  However, the ending, so clever, goes as follows: “But… The bear at the circus won’t pedal his bike. Uh-oh. He says he’s on strike.” One problem gets resolved but another, similar problem begins. Great lead!

Love that Line


“Once I started pulling things out of my heart it was hard to stop.”


by Eileen Spinelli

This story, beautifully, yet, humorously demonstrates the importance of writing your own story. Reminding the writer: if you write something you’re passionate about, the ideas will flow and fill the page(s). Genuine!

About Kids

Some days when the TV is on, I feel like the Grinch – the noise! “Oh, the Noise!  Noise! Noise!  Noise! That’s one thing he hated! the NOISE! NOISE! NOISE! NOISE!”

I’m hardly a Grinch, but some days, I’m tempted to pull the plug on the TV because it’s providing nothing but noise! It’s easy – with so many channels to pick  from and so many different kid shows to watch, with just a push of the button, I can see why kids may choose watching  TV over reading a book.

But…having a well-stocked, in-home “library,” with books purchased or borrowed, can lure children away from opting for the otherwise easy choice. Buy them books. Read books to them. Read books with them. Visit the library often. Always have books available for your kids so they migrate toward reading and away from watching. Get them turning the pages, instead of pushing the buttons!