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I am a huge fan of the Big Bang Theory and although I absolutely adore Amy Farrah Fowler, I have to say that I’m not happy that she is portrayed as such an awkward, nerdy, robotic geek.  Poor Amy, I often think. Why can’t she be pretty, why can’t she be sociable, why, why, why?








And why is Penny, who’s beautiful, witty and socially savvy, the one who’s portrayed as the not-so-educated? or as Sheldon might put it, “the Hillybilly brainless wonder”?







Every time I watch, I pray that some knock-your-socks-off beauty will walk into the university cafeteria and say something smart, causing Shelton to choke on his regimented food for the day.

I assume that young ones aren’t watching this show (suggested viewing for ages 13 and up), but I’m guessing that a fair number of teens and young adults are. And every time I watch I am reminded that the next generation of engineering hopefuls are getting more of the same… the same ole message that’s been perpetuated for years – smart girls are awkward, unattractive, socially inept nerds. But…that’s so not true and we smart, strong, attractive, socially adept girls need to get out there, be seen, be heard, and be known!