Fabulous Finishes


sophieSophie’s Squash – A Charlotte Zolotow Honor Book

by Pat Zietlow Miller

When Sophie decides that the squash she chose at the local famer’s market is “just the right size to hold in her arms. Just the right size to bounce on her knee. Just the right size to love,” it becomes  Sophie’s new friend Bernice. Sophie and Bernice do everything together until one day when Bernice looks blotchy. After the man at the farmer’s market tells Sophie that fresh air, good, clean dirt and a little love will keep a squash healthy, she buries Bernice in the yard. Later that spring when  Sophie spots a sprout where she buried Bernice, she spend times with it. Soon the spout grows two tiny squash, Bonnie and Baxter, who are “just the right size for Sophie to hold in her arms and  bounce on her knee. Just the right size to love.” Great loop back to the beginning!

“Picture Books are so easy to write. I mean anyone can do it.” Really elephant?

The following video, created by my friend and fellow critique group member, the very talented Mandy Yates is hysterical, but on the flip side, often all too true! Writers beware of the elephants out there! Elephants, before calling it easy, please read PBs – many, many PBs and learn the craft for everyone’s sake.

Happy New Year






2013 was a good year, a great year actually.

I completed Dr. Mira Reisberg’s Picture Book Academy and Marsha Diane Arnold and Dr. Mira Reisberg’s Writing Wonderful Character Driven Picture Books courses. Taking these courses was one of the best things I could have ever done for my writing career. Through the PB Academy course, I became part of an inspiring community, made some wonderful friends and formed a critique group with some very talented writers.

In October I was selected to receive a one-on-one critique at our AZ SCBWI conference with a brilliant editor.

Then to end the year in the most amazing way possible…my holiday mishap story ‘Twas the Night Baafore Christmas won first place in Susanna Leonard Hill’s 3rd annual Holiday story contest.

bean1This post is about celebrating! Celebrating a bit of success after years and years of working hard to become a better writer!

Here’s to 2014…can’t wait to see what happens!