Halloweensie contest

It’s time for Susanna Leonard Hill’s 4th Annual HALLOWEENSIE CONTEST!!!!!
The Contest:  write a 100 word Halloween story appropriate for children (title not included in the 100 words), using the words pumpkinbroomstick, and creak.


In a haunted old house, a small mouse that went squeak

scurried about on a floor that went creak.

That creak woke the cat, all scraggly and black,

who wanted that mouse for his Halloween snack.

He chased that small mouse, while his claws sliced and slashed,

leaving the pumpkins all gutted and gashed.

That small harmless mouse, now ravenous too,

escaped up a broomstick and into some brew.

After a fizzle, a sizzle and BOOM,

out popped a mouse-monster as big as the room.

That beastly-like creature, eyeballing the cat,

swiped and then kitty just vanished…

like that.





Halloween season

With Halloween only weeks away, I thought I’d share a fun, sorta –spooky, a tad bit kooky, tale from the grave.

Skeleton Cat
It’s Skelton Cat
by Kristyn Crow

This book is clever on so many levels. And of course, I can’t resist Kristyn Crow’s fabulous rhyme.

It’s filled with onomatopoeia, alliteration and word play. Here are just a few of my favorite lines from the story:

“He went: Rattle, rattle. Clink, clink.
Rattle, rattle, clink.
Tip, tap. Clickety-clack.
Ka-plink, ka-plink, ka-plink.”

These lines are just fun for the tongue!

And these with alliteration and consonance, add to the rollicking rhythm:

“He rocked and he rollicked
and he clunked around,
and the kids in the playground
heard the rattlin’ sound.”

And this line, just makes me smile:

“He reached the audition and he stood in line
and they taped number 20 on his feline spine.”

which is funny since his spine is exposed 🙂 and I love the internal rhyme in feline spine.

And the word play in these lines:

“when the band members saw him, well, they called him nuts.
“Cause ‘You’re not gonna make it if you don’t have guts!’”

I love the play on words with guts…

And along those same line:
“ ‘Sure you’ve got rhythm, but have you got soul?’ So the skeleton cat went on a roll…”

So, if you’re looking for a clever story this Halloween season, check it out, it’s a fun read for kids and adults!