Hooray for Girl Power

I love Disney movies – the old and the new. And I’m thrilled to see that over the years  Disney female characters such as Mulan, Jasmine and Elsa have become much stronger. They’re all still beautiful, (and of course, unfortunately, ridiculously skinny) but now they’re much more independent female role models.

But more needs to be done to advance the image of female characters, especially in this highly technological day in age. I often ask myself where are the films with the STEM-smart girls. I can find plenty of STEM-smart characters that are males, like genius Lewis in Meet the Robinsons, scientist Flint Lockwood in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and inventor Hiccup in How to Train your Dragon. Sure, Sam Sparks, played a meteorologist in Cloudy but she wasn’t the star of the movie. And then when Disney had their chance with Gabriella in High School Musical, Gabrielle called herself “the freaky math girl”…really? Although she did later go on to compete in the scholastic decathlon, those words, “the freaky math girl”  were still stuck in my mind 🙁


Smart, beautiful, talented and socially savvy, she ‘s an ideal STEM role model for young girls. But, put “freaky” in the equation and all is lost….

Even in the television series, Phineas and Ferb, Phineas and Ferb are the geniuses while Candace is portrayed as annoying, weak and whiny. Thankfully, Doc McStuffins came along giving kids not only a cute and smart female main character (and role model), but one that also represents diversity.

But now, finally hitting the big screen is Big Hero 6, where girls are portrayed as cute and super-smart, techy smart – and in the case of Honey Lemon, fashionable too, which will hopefully inspire young girls to view the STEM fields as inviting, exciting and cool!.


Click the link below to catch the interview with Big Hero 6’s  Jamie Chung, voice of Superheroine GoGo Tomago, Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering Student, and Genesis Rodriguez, voice of Superheroine Honey Lemon, Chemical Engineering student, and find out how they feel about the amazing characters they play.


Yay Disney!