Thar be lots to love in this PB treasure

Pirate’s Perfect Pet
by Beth Ferry

After Captain Crave discovers that to be a perfect pirate captain he must have a pet, he sets out on his quest to find one. He visits the shore, the farm, the zoo and finally the Pet Emporium.


There is so much to love about this book. It’s filled with things kids adore – pirates, animals and pets. The many fun lines and the clever use of poetic technique make this book a blast to read.

Here are just a few examples and some of my favorite lines in the book.

The alliteration:

The title, Pirate’s Perfect Pet. Right away you know you’re in for a treat.

“Captain crave spied a small blue bottle bobbing among the waves …and the sharks.”

“Captain Crave was courageous.”

“Thar be piles of pets!”

The rule of three

“His crew cheered and waved and chanted, ‘Go, Crave!’”

The repetition (and internal rhyme and alliteration):

After the pirates anchored on a sandy beach, come to a farm and come to a zoo …

“They caused quite a commotion as good pirates should.”

The internal rhyme:

“The pirates chased the birdie.”  “They raced the birdie.” “Should we taste the birdie?”

And brilliantly fun lines…

“Crab?” Too cranky.”

“Well, shuck me an oyster and set sail for land…”

And my favorite…

“Shiver me Shih Tzus”

“I’ve been poop-decked,” he yelled.

This book is a fun read and great inspiration while writing and/or revising.

Thank you Beth!