Love that Line


“When she was a baby her first words were “Four score and seven years ago.’”

ImognesLastStandIMOGENE’S LAST STAND by Candace Fleming

Knowing that for most kids their first words are “momma” or “dada”, you immediately get the sense that Imogene is going to do something big and as a result, make her own bit of history. Genius!

2 thoughts on “Love that Line

  1. So clever of Fleming to include this line…doing exactly what you suggest, which is to SHOW us that Imogene is headed for some history-making.

    I love your Love That Line posts. I think it’s great for those who read picture books to kids…gives them a talking point with the child. And it’s great for writers, who must choose their (few) words for a picture book ms carefully. Thanks, Dawn, for sharing this with us.

  2. Thanks Rhonda. So true, like you said, a PB author has to choose their words carefully, since their job is to use them sparingly, making this line worthy of being called brilliant. And, I especially love it, (of course) because it’s full of Girl Power!

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