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I am a huge fan of the Big Bang Theory and although I absolutely adore Amy Farrah Fowler, I have to say that I’m not happy that she is portrayed as such an awkward, nerdy, robotic geek.  Poor Amy, I often think. Why can’t she be pretty, why can’t she be sociable, why, why, why?








And why is Penny, who’s beautiful, witty and socially savvy, the one who’s portrayed as the not-so-educated? or as Sheldon might put it, “the Hillybilly brainless wonder”?







Every time I watch, I pray that some knock-your-socks-off beauty will walk into the university cafeteria and say something smart, causing Shelton to choke on his regimented food for the day.

I assume that young ones aren’t watching this show (suggested viewing for ages 13 and up), but I’m guessing that a fair number of teens and young adults are. And every time I watch I am reminded that the next generation of engineering hopefuls are getting more of the same… the same ole message that’s been perpetuated for years – smart girls are awkward, unattractive, socially inept nerds. But…that’s so not true and we smart, strong, attractive, socially adept girls need to get out there, be seen, be heard, and be known!


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  1. Well stated, Dawn. I’d also add that though I don’t watch The Big Bang Theory, it looks like what’s going on is a play on ‘conventional’ beauty versus intelligence. Amy, who played Blossom back in the 90s, has unconventional beauty, which gets played down by these other characteristics you describe…robotic, nerdy, awkward. She doesn’t necessarily have to show up in low cut, spaghetti-strap tanks, quaffed hair, and a face full of make-up to show off her good looks, but the message the producers of the show are sending with her costume AND personality is unfortunate. Especially against the backdrop of a stereotyped Penny. This happens in Hollywood because the industry is lead by men who think this is what we all want to see. Or, maybe I’m wrong, and they’re trying to make a statement to get people talking about smart girls. Maybe they wanted to create the stereotypes in order to CHANGE the stereotypes. Sad to say, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  2. Rhonda,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Funny thing is when Mayim Bialik is all dolled up for a photo shoot (off screen) she looks stunning! So why can’t she look that way on the show? Because…then we wouldn’t believe that she’s smart. Such a shame!

  3. Thank you for adding the photo of Bialik off screen versus on in your follow-up post. I think that’s so important for girls to see, and I love how simply you’ve stated your idea on this. Great work, Dawn.

  4. In watching this show for the last two years and reruns almost every night I have to say I think it is the most brilliantly casted show that I have seen since “Friends”. Let me add that I am a senior citizen who enjoys movies and good TV. So what I am looking for is good entertainment, unlike the younger adults and teens that may be watching this show. The characters in Big Bang compliment each other in their own quirky ways. I’m not sure the producers or directors of the show actually thought about how their characters would impact the audience. They were probably going for ratings and money. I would like to hear from a teen on how they feel about the show and if it would encourage them to go into science or the math field.

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