Love that line


“I do not like that Sam-I-am!”

by Dr. Seuss

Beyond his amazing ability to tell a cohesive story in rhyme, Dr. Seuss penned lines that just stick with the reader. By including “that” into this line, Dr. Seuss clearly conveys stubbornness and the distain for Sam-I-am and anything new. Defiant!

2 thoughts on “Love that line

  1. My kids loved that book. Another thing he does is give the reader confidence. No matter what new words they struggle with throughout the story, kids are able to get the repetitive, recognizable ending. Good pick!

  2. Mine too! Good point about the ending – it’s fun for kids when then can “read” before they can read!
    Still can’t believe he wouldn’t eat them on a boat…who wouldn’t eat them on a boat? Cruising around, sounds like a good time to me;)
    Thanks Heidi

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