Smart Girls

As a mechanical engineer, I’ve dealt with the “geek” stereotype that goes with the degree, but ironically, on the flip side. I would often hear, “Wow, you don’t look and act like an engineer,” leaving me to wonder, what exactly does an engineer look and act like then? and more importantly, what do my daughters think when they hear that? I feel strongly about demonstrating that female techies can be smart, strong, social, confident and beautiful. I also believe the effort to get girls excited about math and science is crucial in steering girls toward the technical fields.

After spending 17 years in the corporate world working as a mechanical engineer, I made a life changing decision to stay home to care for our three children. During that time, I began studying the craft of writing children’s books. Because of my background and passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), I gravitated toward writing picture books with smart girl characters. Girls that are good at math and science can provide the picture book genre with heroines that reinforce to the youngest, and girliest of girls, the idea that math and science are “girl things.”

It is my wish that young girls, like after reading a fairy tale and aspiring to be a princess, will read my stories and aspire to be successful at math and science and learn that they don’t have to lose their femininity to be techy.

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